By Erin Hansen


Partnerships with other charities and service clubs is a big part of what Rotary does. Here’s a heartwarming story of such a team effort.


Our Rotary club made a financial donation to the Riverview Boys and Girls Club last fall. The funds were used to construct a second recycling depot at the Olde Tyme Meat Market on Coverdale Road (the first one was at Riverview Tire). Anyone is welcome to drop off their recyclables and all proceeds go towards their many programs such as Drop-In for youth, Raise the Grade for academic support for teens, in school breakfast, daycare and much more. program. Plus, recycling benefits the environment.


In this anxious time of self-isolation, you would expect that recycling donations would be down. It’s just the opposite though! The depots, run by a strong dedicated group of volunteers, have received double their usual amount. Community members, complying with social distancing guidelines, are using the drop-off locations as a way to give back. These small, volunteer run recycling depots have become beacons of hope in these uncertain times. They are benefiting not only the charity they serve, but also the people who are providing. While this increase will not make up for all the financial losses this charity has suffered, it certainly lessens the blow, and the Riverview Boys and Girls Club is extremely grateful. 

Partnership initiatives such as this one provide citizens with opportunities to work together to make a positive difference. That’s definitely something we all need in these uncertain times. It’s an amazing way for people to still give at a time when they are struggling to feel connected. I think I speak for all Rotarians when I say we are grateful to have been able to play a small part in this heartwarming story.